Lost Your Corkscrew?

It’s happened to the best of us. There we are with a lovely bottle of plonk, fine wine and guess what? It’s not a screw-top and there is no corkscrew to be found.

Imagine the excitement of the Faboosh World team when we discovered this fabulously faboosh video that shows us how to remedy that exact situation.  Using your shoe.  Now, although the gentleman in this video is using a tree (we’re guessing he is assuming you would be in this situation out in nature somewhere…) we do know that some people use this same method using a wall.

Only, if you are going to attempt this indoors using a wall, we recommend you use a flat-soled shoe and not stilettos. Otherwise, you will likely puncture a bunch of holes in the wall, and that would be hard to explain to people- “Why is your wall covered in stilleto-sized holes?!”

So enjoy this faboosh little “how-to” video and remember, forgetting a corkscrew is fixable but forgetting a glass (like the fancy French gentleman in the video obviously did) is neither fixable or faboosh…

Thou shalt not chug fine wine straight from the bottle.  Especially if you are French.