Break Out Your Faboosh Hats!

Actual photo of an actual fancy hat that was actually worn at an actual Royal Event. Not confirmed if it was edible or not...

It’s a once in a lifetime occurrence (well, maybe more than once, if you are a big Royalty buff).  However, on Friday April 29th, 2011 British history will be made as the son of the heir of the lady that runs England marries a really sweet girl who looks like she just walked out of a J Crew ad.

Yes children, it’s time for “Bill & Kate Plus Eight!” (Gazillion guests and viewers who will be watching every moment of this oh-so-momentous occasion!)

At Faboosh World, even though we are on the other side of the ocean from this fabulous wedding and unfortunately haven’t received our invitations yet, we want everyone to know that we are NOT about to let the Royal Wedding of the century go without us being involved.  Therefore we will all be gathering at 3am in front of a big TV, eating cucumber sandwiches and wearing fancy hats.  Yes, fancy hats.  We will be wearing them as we watch William & Catherine get married.

Because seriously, is there anything more Faboosh than a big posh wedding and an even bigger, posher fancy hat?  No, didn’t think so….