Music For Your Monday

MusicThe benefits of music are beyond huge. Music can make you happy, sad, invoke a memory or even create a new memory.

It’s Monday today and let’s face it, Mondays are hard. It’s difficult to shake the weekend off & get back into work or school mode, or even just back into the swing of things after a few days of R&R. So the Faboosh team thought we’d give you something – another one of our YouTube faves, that will get your Monday (and your week) of to a good start – it’s a video mashup from 2009, it’s catchy, and it’s going to get you moving…

So whether you work from home, or some stuffy office & are stuck at the computer, turn your speakers up & let your head bob. Don’t worry, no one will notice & they’ll probably bob along with you too!

(ps – if you want to plug in your headphones so as not to disturb anyone, that’s okay too…)
(ps2 – Pass It On!) :)