Music For Your Monday

MusicThe benefits of music are beyond huge. Music can make you happy, sad, invoke a memory or even create a new memory.

It’s Monday today and let’s face it, Mondays are hard. It’s difficult to shake the weekend off & get back into work or school mode, or even just back into the swing of things after a few days of R&R. So the Faboosh team thought we’d give you something – another one of our YouTube faves, that will get your Monday (and your week) of to a good start – it’s a video mashup from 2009, it’s catchy, and it’s going to get you moving…

So whether you work from home, or some stuffy office & are stuck at the computer, turn your speakers up & let your head bob. Don’t worry, no one will notice & they’ll probably bob along with you too!

(ps – if you want to plug in your headphones so as not to disturb anyone, that’s okay too…)
(ps2 – Pass It On!) :)

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Just when FabooshOnTheGo was all set with some awesome posts about being active and bizzy in beeyouteeful BC, she up and left her home in the valley to become a SkiMom up in the mountains! She now divides her time between finding an available snowplow for rent so she can get the kids to school on time, and discovering awesome Fabooshly funny videos and music to share with our readers.

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