About Us

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, there lived a golf widow. This golf widow was also the mom of two small kids and when the kids were sleeping and the Golfinator was golfing, she would write. And write. And write. And she covered many of topics in her writing, humor, kids stuff, golf-widow stuff… ‘Twas a great outlet & very enjoyable to do.

After a little while, the Golf-Widow’s hands got very full with various things and sadly, the writing and the blog went by the wayside. Thankfully she saved all of her writing, along with all of her passwords and logins from said previous blog!

(Insert super-hero music here…)

Fast forward to 2010, and a strange new word has filtered into the blogger’s life.  The word is:


It’s not known where the word “Faboosh” originated, but it has meaning.  It’s a verb, a noun, an adjective.  It can be used to express happiness, joy, and gratitude.  Say it once and you’ll smile.  Say it twice and you’ll laugh.  Say it to your friends and after the intial quizzical look, they too will smile.