Mom The Vote

Hang on to your faboosh hats everyone, I’m about to use my Mom Voice.  You know what the “Mom Voice” is, don’t you?  It’s that voice that every mother has – it comes out of nowhere, with an abundance of power and authority that dare not be questioned by any child or husband within earshot.  It doesn’t come out very often, but oh boy, watch out when it does….

We all have heard of “Rock The Vote” right?  Well here’s an update for 2011 – “Mom The Vote!”

The #MomTheVote campaign is the brainchild of Canadian blogger Karen Green – who started the movement on her blog “The Kids Are Alright” just a few short days ago.  Fast forward to today, and the media frenzy that #MomTheVote is creating is gaining momentum and speeding up like crazy.  So far #MomTheVote has been covered by the Globe & Mail, CBC News, as well as countless blogs (by moms and non-moms alike!).  Next week, Karen will be writing articles related to #MomTheVote on & you know that the momentum is only going to go full speed ahead after that!  We’re down to the last 2 weeks before the election, Moms have a voice, and we’re all putting our “Mom Voice” into full gear.

For more info – check out the Mom The Vote fanpage on Facebook, or Karen Green’s Twitter feed.  You – will – be – glad – you – did!

PS – In case you hadn’t already figured out my thinly veiled message – on May 2nd, get out there and VOTE!  It’s your right as a Canadian, exercise it.